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Guitar Lessons
with Ron Campbell

Learn To Play!

I teach guitar, bass, ukulele, and harmonica at the Powell River Academy of Music.   My students range in age from 4 to 70, from beginners to advanced.

I've spent 45 years as a professional performer, so my focus is on how to play in a band; I'll teach you what you need to work successfully with other musicians playing rock, country, folk, jazz and (especially) blues.   But lessons are not only for people who want a music career; even if your ambition is just to play at home, I'll show you how to get more fun and satisfaction from your music!

I concentrate on skills other music teachers often neglect:

- RHYTHM. A good musician needs a rock-solid sense of counting, rhythm and groove.

- EAR TRAINING. Learn to figure out songs from the record, without sheet music or tabs.   Learn to instantly jam along, even on songs you've never heard before.

- FRETBOARD. If you know the names of ALL the notes on the guitar neck, you can play and communicate easily with other musicians.

- PRACTICAL THEORY. Learn music theory as it is commonly understood and used by professional working musicians.

To arrange lessons (or if you have questions): call me at (604) 485-4481 or email:

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